NetTepi - 1.0

T-cell epitopes restricted to prevalent HLA-A and HLA-B molecules

NetTepi 1.0 predicts T-cell epitopes from protein sequences. The method integrates three prediction types, peptide-MHC binding affinity, peptide-MHC stability and T-cell propensity.

The server allows for predictions of T-cell epitopes restricted to 13 different Human MHC (HLA) alleles representing 11 of the 12 common HLA-A and B Supertypes as defined by Lund et al (2004).

Predictions of lengths 8-14: Predictions can be made for lengths between 8 and 14 for all alleles using an approximation algorithm. Note that only lengths 9 and 10 have been thoroughly benchmarked. Caution should be taken with predictions for all other lengths.

Prediction values are calculated as a weighted sum of binding affinity, stability and T-cell propensity prediction scores. A % Rank score based on predictions for 200.000 random natural peptides is also provided.

Peptide-MHC binding affinity predictions are obtained using the NetMHCcons method. Peptide-MHC stability predictions are obtained using the NetMHCstab method. T-cell propensity is predicted using the immunogenicity model described by Calis et al (2013).


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