NetMHCstab - 1.0

Stability of peptide:MHC-I complexes

NetMHCstab-1.0 predicts the stability of peptide binding to a number of different MHC molecules using artificial neural networks (ANNs).

ANNs have been trained for 13 different Human MHC (HLA) alleles representing 11 of the 12 common HLA A and B Supertypes as defined by Lund et al. (2004).

Prediction values are given in hours (half-life).

Predictions of lengths 8-14: Predictions can be made for lengths between 8 and 14 for all alleles using an approximation algorithm using ANNs trained on 9mer peptides. Caution should be taken for 8mer predictions as some alleles might not bind 8mers to any significant extend.

Highly and weakly stable binding peptides are indicated in the output.

The project is a collaboration between CBS and IMMI.


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