Binding of peptides to MHC class I alleles

Predictions of lengths 8-14:       Predictions can be made for lengths between 8 and 14 for all alleles using an novel approximation algorithm using ANNs trained on 9mer peptides. Probably because of the limited amount of available 10mer data this method has a better predictive value than ANNs trained on 10mer data.
Predictions of peptides longer than 11 have not been extensively validated!
Caution should be taken for 8mer predictions as some alleles might not bind 8mers to any significant extend.

Strong and weak binding peptides are indicated in the output. In the selection window for HLA alleles, the recommended allele for each HLA supertype is indicated.

The project is a collaboration between CBS and IMMI.

As of June 9, 2015, a minor bug in the downloadable/standalone version of NetMHC-3.4 has been identified and corrected. If you have problems getting the NetMHC-3.4 stand alone code to function please refer to How to correct the bug.


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