Discotope - 2.0

Prediction of discontinuous B-cell epitopes from protein 3D-structure

The DiscoTope server predicts discontinuous B cell epitopes from protein three dimensional structures. The method utilizes calculation of surface accessibility (estimated in terms of contact numbers) and a novel epitope propensity amino acid score. The final scores are calculated by combining the propensity scores of residues in spatial proximity and the contact numbers.

New in the DiscoTope version 2.0: Novel definition of the spatial neighborhood used to sum propensity scores and half-sphere exposure as a surface measure.

Note: The DiscoTope server has been up-dated to improve the user-friendliness. The server now predicts epitopes in complexes of multiple chains. Also, DiscoTope output files are now easily downloaded and imported in spreadsheets. Futhermore, we have facilitated the visualization of prediction results.


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