BioReader - 1.2

Biomedical Research Article Distiller

Do you have a large number of research articles to go through, but do not know where to start? BioReader can help you distill your reading list by ranking articles by relevance. Simply collect the PubMed IDs of a number of articles you found relevant and a similar number of articles not relevant to you (we recommend at least 20 in each category - see Tips and Tricks in instruction for successful classification). These two sets of PubMed IDs represent your positive and negative text mining training corpora to be pasted below. Then, either paste the PubMed IDs of up to 1000 articles that you would like to have ranked according to you content of interest, or enter a PubMed search term, and BioReader will provide you with a ranked reading list to limit the time wasted on reading irrelevant literature.


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