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This site contains supplementary information and data sets from the paper

Comparison of Computational Methods for the Identification of Cell Cycle Regulated Genes
Ulrik de Lichtenberg, Lars Juhl Jensen, Anders Fausbøll, Thomas Skøt Jensen, Peer Bork and Søren Brunak
Bioinformatics, 21(7), 1164-1171, 2005 (Epub Oct 2004) [PubMed]

Ranked list of periodic genes with peak times

Final results of our periodicity analysis. Contains combined rank and peaktime, as well as peak times in individual experiments. The format is: ORF, rank, peak(combined), peak(alpha), peak(cdc15), peak(cdc28)
[ Top300 ] [ Top500 ] [ Top800 ]

Benchmark sets

[ B1 - from small scale experiments ]
[ B2 - from Chromatin IP ]
[ B3 - from MIPS "cell cycle" ]

Benchmarked Methods

Ranked and unranked list of genes identified by the various methods included in the Benchmark. [ HTML ]

Renormalized Cdc28 data

Cdc28 data set renormalized with Q-spline: [ Tab format ]
Correspondance: Ulrik Nicolai de Lichtenberg