Explanation of the Jetset CSV data file

Probe set scores

Filename: jetset.scores.<arrayname>_<version>.csv

Format: A CSV table with a row for each probe set, and 8 columns:

probeset Affymetrix probe set identifier
nProbes Number of probes in the probe set
EntrezID Entrez GeneID of the targeted gene
process Processivity requirement
specificity Specificity score
coverage Coverage score
robust Robustness against degradation score
overall Overall score
symbol HUGO gene symbol
best Best probeset for the given Entrez ID (TRUE/FALSE)

All scores can range from 0 to 1. A higher score indicates better (predicted) performance. The value "--" indicates that the probe set did not match to exactly one gene; this could be because the probe set matches several genes, or because it does not match any genes.