Performance notes

The accuracy of the software has been tested on a set of 100 vertebrate promoters. The positions scoring 0.5-0.8 (Marginal predictions) contain about 65% true transcription start sites within 100 base pairs upstream. The positions scoring 0.8-1.0 (Medium likely predictions) are about 80% true. Finally, the positions scoring above 1.0 (Highly likely predictions) are about 95% true. On average, the software picks up about 80% of all PolII promoters. These numbers are rough estimates based on a limited test set.

For a favorable comparison of this software to other promoter prediction software, see:

Eukaryotic promoter recognition.
J.W. Fickett and A.G. Hatzigeorgiou.
Genome Res. 7(9), 861-878, 1997.