Please choose one of the following three submission methods:

  1. Chain(s) in an existing PDB entry. Use comma for separation of chain ids. If this box is unspecified,
    the prediction will be done using all chains in the pdb file.

    PDB code:     Chain(s):      

  2. A file from your local disk containing a list of existing PDB entries with specified chain ID, one per line,
    in the format 'entryname_chain' e.g. 1zz6_B:

    File name:

  3. A file from your local disk containing your own structure in PDB format (not necessarily present in PDB):

    File name:  

    Chain(s):          (if chain id is unspecified, all chains in the structure will be used for prediction.)

Specify the threshold for epitope identification:     (see the Instructions)

The sequences are kept confidential and will be deleted after processing.


For publication of results, please cite:

Reliable B Cell Epitope Predictions: Impacts of Method Development and Improved Benchmarking
Jens Vindahl Kringelum, Claus Lundegaard, Ole Lund, and Morten Nielsen
Plos Computational Biology, 2012
Link to Paper