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If the Potential > Threshold then O-glycosylation is predicted at that site. Predicted sites are assigned 'G'.
In this example Thr 13, 17, 19 and 21 are predicted to be O-glycosylated.
The higher the potential the higher is the confidence of the prediction.
The Threshold takes into account surface/buried predictions of the particular site, and indicates
a value above which sites are predicted to be on the surface and O-glycosylated.
The figure (using: Generate graph) shows the potential and threshold versus sequence position.
Alternative non-predicted sites may be found where the potential is high (>0.4) and threshold low (<0.55).
Name:  test_seq         Length:  22

GSDWSGVCKITATPAPTVTPTV <-- Submitted sequence.

............G...G.G.G. <-- The assignments. G stands for predicted

                           GlcNAc O-glycosylation at site.

SeqName    Residue   Number  Potential Threshold   Assignment

test_seq     Ser     0002    0.3727     0.4493         . 

test_seq     Ser     0005    0.3553     0.4687         . 

test_seq     Thr     0011    0.3973     0.4687         . 

test_seq     Thr     0013    0.5762     0.4606         G 

test_seq     Thr     0017    0.5945     0.4567         G 

test_seq     Thr     0019    0.6180     0.4638         G 

test_seq     Thr     0021    0.5827     0.4455         G

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