1. Array File

The array file should be a comma or tab separated file containing the following column names (capitalization doesn't matter):

Column typeSynonyms accepted
SignalRequiredsignal, sig, raw, pm, intensity
SequenceRequiredseq, sequence, peptide, oligomer, coresequence, probe_sequence
Sectorsec, sector, well
Wavelengthwavelength, nm

The file should be gzip compressed and should not exceed 50 Mb in size. For an example of array file, see the Sample data section.

Upload file:

Restriction: The input array files cannot be more than 50 MB of total size. The files should be compressed with gzip.

2. Antigen Sequences

Paste a single sequence or several sequences in FASTA format into the field below:

or submit a file in FASTA format directly from your local disk:

Restriction: At most 200 protein sequences per submission; each sequence not more than 10,000 amino acids.

Download Sample Data

A sample data set is available for testing of the server functionality. The data originates from Hansen et al.[1] and contain peptide microarray measurements of Human Serum Albumin-deriving peptides probed with polyclonal anti-HSA antibodies.

Use the download links below to download the microarray and protein sequence data files and submit them to the server for testing.

Microarray File:Download
Fasta File:Download
[1] Hansen LB, Buus S, Schafer-Nielsen C (2013) Data from: Identification and mapping of linear antibody epitopes in human serum albumin using high-density peptide arrays. Dryad Digital Repository.
3. Submit

Additional options
Sectors: Sectors to include; e.g. all/1-6/A01,A04,A07,A08. Default: All
Significance Threshold Alpha:
Peptide length: Force algorithm to perform analysis on peptides of this length only. Default: The algorithm uses the data to find the most frequent length.

Sequences and array data are kept confidential and will be deleted after processing!

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