VDJSolver - 1.0

Analysis of human immunoglobulin VDJ recombination

The VDJsolver 1.0 server is a program that analyses human immunoglobulin VDJ recombination. The indetification of V and J genes is performed using standard sequencial alignment against databases of functional VH and JH genes from the IMGT database.

Sequences are aligned to the following model:


where Pxx designates palindromic nucleotide segments, and Nx N nucleotides upstream or downstream of D. The optimal alignment is obtained using maximum likelihood to select the best fit of the sequence to the model. In the fitting all segments except VH and JH may be omitted. The model includes all conventional germline D segments in the IMGT database (D gene list) in normal and inverted reading direction. For details on the model please see the Model description.

The project is collaboration between CBS and Clinical immunology, University of Southern Denmark.


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