TumorTracer - 1.1

Tissue of origin of tumors from genomics data

TumorTracer was trained to infer the tissue of origin of a tumor, based on somatic mutation and (when available) copy number data.

TumorTracer 1.1 was developed using the COSMIC Whole Genomes database, version 68.

TumorTracer 1.1 differs from version 1.0 only by the user input format; the underlying prediction algorithm is the same.

Currently, TumorTracer covers the following primary sites:
    breast, endometrium, kidney, large intestine, liver, lung, ovary, pancreas, prostate and skin.

When copy number aberration data is available, performance of TumorTracer 1.1 is increased, but only the following primary sites are included:
    breast, endometrium, kidney, large intestine, lung and ovary.


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