SigniSite - 2.1

Identification of residue-level genotype-phenotype correlations in protein multiple sequence alignments

Server Introduction
SigniSite performs residue level genotype phenotype correlation in protein multiple sequence alignments by identifying amino acid residues significantly associated with the phenotype of the data set. Input is a protein multiple sequence alignment in FASTA format. The phenotype is represented by a real-valued numerical parameter placed white-space separated, last in the identifier of each sequence (example). For test of server functionality, please see 'Sample data' below the SigniSite logo.

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New November 2018: Server Functional
The issue with aligning sequences have been solved and SigniSite is up and running again.
August 2016: Server functional
SigniSite is now up and running again after technical downtime.
August 2016: Update
SigniSite was moved to a new server.
February 2014: Added output
In order to aid users in locating the residue with the strongest phenotypic association, a rank list is available for download, after submission and evaluation. Please see the 'Output format' for further elaboration.


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