NetMHCII - 2.3

Binding of peptides to MHC class II molecules

The NetMHCII 2.3 server predicts binding of peptides to HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, HLA-DP and mouse MHC class II alleles using artificial neuron networks.

Predictions can be obtained for 25 HLA-DR alleles, 20 HLA-DQ, 9 HLA-DP, and 7 mouse H2 class II alleles.

The prediction values are given in nM IC50 values, and as a %-Rank to a set of 1,000,000 random natural peptides. Strong and weak binding peptides are indicated in the output.

Note, if you download the stand alone version of the tool, please access the needed data.tar.gz file from data.Linux.tar.gz (Linux) or data.Darwin.tar.gz (MAC)


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