NetBoLAIIpan - 1.0

Prediction of peptide interactions with bovine MHC Class II BoLA-DRB3 molecules

Submission is accepted in two formats - as a list of peptides or as a protein sequence in FASTA format. A comprehensive list of MHC molecules is available for prediction, alternatively the user can upload their MHC protein sequence of interest.

The prediction values are given likelihood for MHC antigen presentation and %Rank score. The percentile rank for a peptide is generated by comparing its score against the scores of 100,000 random natural peptides. For example, if a peptide is assigned a rank of 1%, it means that its predicted affinity is among the top 1% scores for the specified molecule.

Strong and weak binding peptides are identified based on %Rank, with customizable thresholds. You may sort the output based on predicted binding affinity and filter out non-binders.


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