LipoP - 1.0

Signal peptidase I & II cleavage sites in gram- bacteria

The LipoP 1.0 server produces predictions of lipoproteins and discriminates between lipoprotein signal peptides, other signal peptides and n-terminal membrane helices in Gram-negative bacteria.

Note: Although LipoP 1.0 has been trained on sequences from Gram-negative bacteria only, the following paper reports that it has a good performance on sequences from Gram-positive bacteria also:

Methods for the bioinformatic identification of bacterial lipoproteins encoded in the genomes of Gram-positive bacteria
O. Rahman, S. P. Cummings, D. J. Harrington and I. C. Sutcliffe
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 24(11):2377-2382 (2008)
NOTE: LipoP is outdated and is only kept online for reference. Lipoprotein signal peptides are better predicted by the current version of SignalP!


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