HMMgene - 1.1

Prediction of vertebrate and C. elegans genes

HMMgene is a program for prediction of genes in anonymous DNA.

The program predicts whole genes, so the predicted exons always splice correctly. It can predict several whole or partial genes in one sequence, so it can be used on whole cosmids or even longer sequences. HMMgene can also be used to predict splice sites and start/stop codons. If some features of a sequence are known, such as hits to ESTs, proteins, or repeat elements, these regions can be locked as coding or non-coding and then the program will find the best gene structure under these constraints.

The program is based on a hidden Markov model, which is a probabilistic model of the gene structure. This means that all predictions have associated probabilities that reflect how confident it is in the predictions. Apart from reporting the best prediction, HMMgene can also report the N best gene predictions for a sequence. This is useful if the there are several equally likely gene structures and may even indicate alternative splicing.


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