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This site contains data sets from some research publications on plants with CBS participation. The material below is listed according to the publication it has relevance for.

Transcriptome Responses to Combinations of Stresses in Arabidopsis
Simon Rasmussen, Pankaj Barah, Maria Cristina Suarez-Rodriguez, Simon Bressendorff, Pia Friis, Paolo Costantino, Atle M. Bones, Henrik Bjørn Nielsen, and John Mundy
Plant Physiology April 2013 vol. 161 no. 4 1783-1794,
Gene Expression Omnibus data set GSE41935

Transcriptomes of the desiccation-tolerant resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum
Maria C. Suarez Rodriguez, Daniel Edsga, Syed S. Hussain, David Alquezar, Morten Rasmussen, Thomas Gilbert, Bjørn H. Nielsen, Dorothea Bartels and John Mundy
The Plant Journal. 2010 63, 212-228,
Download DNA squence contigs (454)

Arabidopsis MAP Kinase Kinases MKK1 and MKK2 have overlapping functions in defense signalling mediated by MEKK1, MPK4 and MKS1
Qiu JL, Zhou L, Yun BW, Bjørn Nielsen H, Fiil BK, Petersen K, Mackinlay J, Loake GJ, Mundy J, Morris PC
Plant Physiol. 2008 Sep;148(1):212-22, PubMed

Arabidopsis MAP Kinase 4 regulates gene expression via transcription factor release in the nucleus
Jin-Long Qiu, Berthe Katrine Fiil, Klaus Petersen, Henrik Bjørn Nielsen, Christopher J Botanga, Stephan Thorgrimsen, Jacek Lichota, Peter Brodersen, Klaus D Grasser, Ole Mattsson, Jane Glazebrook, John Mundy and Morten Petersen
The EMBO Journal 2008 (16) p. 2214-21

Functional Associations by Response Overlap (FARO), a Functional Genomics Approach Matching Gene Expression Phenotypes
Henrik Bjørn Nielsen, John Mundy and Hanni Willenbrock
PLoS ONE (2007) 2(8): e676, PubMed
Supplementary table: factors in Arabidopsis gene expression response compendium and mpk4 analysis results
Compendium table: differentially expressed genes (rank)
Compendium table: differentially expressed genes (response dirrection)

Genome-wide analysis of the Arabidopsis leaf transcriptome reveals interaction of phosphate and sugar metabolism
Muller R, Morant M, Jarmer H, Nilsson L, Nielsen TH,
Plant Physiol. (2007) 143 (1), 156-71. PubMed

Distinct developmental defense activations in barley embryos identified by transcriptome profiling
Mads Eggert Nielsen, Finn Lok and Henrik Bjørn Nielsen
Plant Mol Biol (2006) 61:589-601 PubMed

John Mundy, Henrik Bjørn Nielsen and Peter Brodersen
Trends in Plant Science (2006), 11,2, 63 PubMed

Arabidopsis MAP kinase 4 regulates salicylic acid- and jasmonic acid/ethylene-dependent responses via EDS1 and PAD4
Peter Brodersen, Morten Petersen, Henrik Bjørn Nielsen, Shijiang Zhu, Mari-Anne Newman, Kevan M. Shokat, Steffen Rietz, Jane Parke and John Mundy
Plant journal (2006) 47, 532-546 PubMed
Clusters of significant genes,
Expression Analysis (all genes)

The MAP kinase substrate MKS1 is a regulator of plant defense responses
Andreasson E, Jenkins T, Brodersen P, Thorgrimsen S, Petersen NH, Zhu S, Qiu JL, Micheelsen P, Rocher A, Petersen M, Newman MA, Nielsen Bjørn H., Hirt H, Somssich I, Mattsson O and Mundy J,
EMBO Journal (2005) 24, 2579-89 PubMed
Supplementary figure 2,
Expression Analysis (all genes)

Arabidopsis map kinase 4 negatively regulates systemic acquired resistance.
Petersen M, Brodersen P, Naested H, Andreasson E, Lindhart U,Johansen B, Nielsen HB, Lacy M, Austin MJ, Parker JE, Sharma SB, Klessig DF, Martienssen R, Mattsson O, Jensen AB, Mundy J.
Cell (2000) 103(7) 1111-20 PubMed
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