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This site contains supplementary information and data sets from the paper

New weakly expressed cell cycle regulated genes in yeast
Ulrik de Lichtenberg, Rasmus Wernersson, Thomas Skøt Jensen, Henrik Bjørn Nielsen,
Anders Fausbøll, Peer Schmidt, Flemming Bryde Hansen, Steen Knudsen and Søren Brunak
Yeast, 22(15),1191-201, 2005 [PubMed]

Supplementary Information

Contains supplementary information accompanying the paper [ PDF ]. 

Supplementary Table S1

Contains the results of the periodicity analysis (for both sample and control sets), including a large body of additional information about each gene, as
[ Excel format ] or [ Tab format ]  

Info for Supplementary Table S1

Description of each column in the table, as [ HTML ] [ MS Word format ]

Microarray data set

Normalized microarray data sets (time-series)
Sample set in [ Tab format ]
Control set in [ Tab format ]

Raw microarray data

Deposited in the ArrayExpress database
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